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Seismic Survey Evaluation, Design and Support

With extensive Design and Acquisition Project Management experience in subtropical swamps, shallow marine, desert, mountains, urban cores, prairies and Arctic environments, Evergreen Geophysical Consulting can provide a wide range of 2D, 3D, 3C and 9C Seismic Design and Acquisition Solutions, optimizing subsurface imagery while controlling costs and the environmental footprint.

This is accomplished by employing a solid Theoretical Design, followed by a geophysically sound Offset Design to accommodate the real world, and finally ensuring quality data through Quality Control of Survey and Recording operations.

Theoretical Design

By closely assessing the client’s geophysical, geological, financial and environmental objectives and challenges, Evergreen Geophysical Consulting will supply effective theoretical design options using industry-leading Geophysical Design and GIS Software along with the cutting edge Geophysical Methods. A complete suite of attribute plots, maps and statistics are produced to ensure client satisfaction.

Offset Design

Once the design that best meets the client's objectives is chosen, a detailed offset plan is generated and maintained throughout the pre-recording phase of the operation.  Again, this is done using industry-leading Geophysical Design and GIS Software employing the most current DEM, hazard and Spatial Data, along with permit restrictions, and safety & environmental concerns.  The goal is to maximize geophysical integrity while producing a safe, operationally efficient and environmentally sound program.

Acquisition QC

Throughout the operation, Survey integrity, Field Offset Criteria Compliance, Recording Script Generation and Recording Data (SEGY/SEGD) are QC’ed with the latest geophysical tools.  This ensures maximum coverage, offset & azimuth distribution, and signal to noise ratio are being achieved, as well as ensuring that the optimal vibe parameters are being used.  Geophysical integrity is assured with this process.

“Developing a good Theoretical 3D Design is only the first step in developing a successful program that meets the client’s objectives.  Following up with a good Offset Design, performed to maximize geophysical integrity while producing a safe, operationally efficient and environmentally sound program, accompanied by comprehensive field offset-criteria, is what really completes the process.”
Jeff Hislop
, Principal Geophysical Consultant